Until album release this fall/winter, Ansgar is testing the new VARGO sound at faster beats in different clubs, and he will perform at several festivals throughout the summer, exclusively presenting DJ-sets this open-air-season. After the release of the album a tour with a brand-new live-show is in preparation. You can find all confirmed dates here. There are more to come. Booking requests to be sent to booking@vargoworld.de!

April 28-30, 2017 // OLDENBORA NIGHTS, Oldenburg

June 30 – July 2, 2017 // ANTARIS, Stölln

July 1-2, 2017 // SEIFENBLASEN, Ludwigslust

July 20–23, 2017 // DEICHBRAND, Cuxhaven

July 27-30, 2017 // HELENE BEACH, Frankfurt (Oder)

August 14-20, 2017 // NEW HEALING, Preddöhl